Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Making flashgames: an introduction

So, here I am again, with another blog. I've tried having one before, but I lost interest rather quickly, and I didn't want to try to start those back up.
Anyway, what is this about: A couple of weeks ago, I decided I wanted to learn how to use actionscript. As with blogs, I tried before and failed, but the difference was that back then I tried using actionscript 2, and now I'm using actionscript 3. It's an enormous difference, and somehow it helps to motivate me.
Here's a little game I made:
I'm not sure if the high score table is working, which is a problem. I also want to submit it to different portals to see how it does in different places, so I think I'll delete the scoreboard for those submissions.
oh, and there's also a medal in there, and I know it does work, newgrounds just hasn't approved of it yet. The bbs keeps telling doom stories about how it can take months before that happens, I hope I'll fare better.

In the future I hope to talk about other games/projects I make here, and perhaps stuff related to the whole flash game scene. We'll see what happens...

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